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James Lee

I am a senior studying computer science at The University of Texas, Austin. During my freetime, if I am not spending time grokking new software or reading a book, I would be developing or playing video games.

Genny Li

Hi everyone, I am a freshman Business student at The University of Texas at Austin. I enjoy practicing yoga, food-blogging, dancing, and exploring nature in my free time.

Multi-Calendar Support

Our application supports quick event integration with Google Calendar, iCal and many other calendar applications. Or, store all of your events in our built-in calendar and access it from any device!

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How It Works


One picture is all you need to get events up on your calendars.

Text Recognition

Our advanced text recognition technology parses the event data from your photos.

Cross Platform

Cal-Me integrates with many other calendar applications, including iCal and Google Calendar.

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